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Islandia, NY | 631.851.3000
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Pool Renovation

Energy Efficient, State of the Art Pool Renovations


Gibbons Pools can transform your outdated or inefficient existing pool into an updated oasis. Not only can pool renovations change the entire look of your pool, it can also increase its energy efficiency and turn pool maintenance into a breeze.

One of the most effective ways Gibbons Pools can renovate your existing poolscape is by resurfacing it with aquaBRIGHT, a plaster-alternative pool finish that will give your pool a smooth, durable designer look. Why settle for an ordinary-looking pool when you can have a long-lasting finish designed to be stronger and more effective than traditional pool plaster?

We take pride in providing our clients with complete customer satisfaction, and remodeling your pool into something you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come is what we look forward to. Gibbons Pools specializes a variety of pool renovations, including:

  • pool resurfacing with aquaBRIGHT
  • pool remodeling
  • pool renovation
  • equipment replacement
  • pool and outdoor living addition
  • energy efficiency

Contact us today to find out how Gibbons Pools can turn your current poolscape into your new favorite spot.