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Pool Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Long Island Pool Service & Maintenance

Pool Cleaning, Repair, Opening & Closing Services

Please allow us this opportunity to introduce you to our dedicated staff and the Total Care program. With over 35 years experience maintaining swimming pools and spas, we can handle all aspects of pool care. From attending manufacturers training classes to holding nationally recognized certifications, our dedicated service professionals are always striving to be the finest in the industry.

The concept of proper pool maintenance is commonly misunderstood, even among our counterparts in the industry. Too often, “clean and clear” are considered good enough. There are major factors not VISIBLE that can ruin your pool in very short order. Our main focus for our weekly service customers is proper water balance and operating efficiency. Without those two components, your backyard oasis is just a pool that will have a very short service life. Gibbons Pools Total Care stands out from the rest, because we check the seen and un-seen. We diagnose and resolve problems that are commonly left untreated by others. The result is a pool that is clear, fully functional, and a pleasure to swim in. Let us care for your pool throughout the season and see the difference.

The dedicated members of our office staff are in constant contact with the crews who carry tablets and can instantly send photos or other information from the field if they see something that needs attention. Our vehicles are stocked with parts and equipment so we are ready when there is a problem. We utilize the latest in GPS tracking technology and business software development to ensure you get the answers you need and the response times you have come to expect. We have cultivated relationships with our equipment manufacturers and work together with them to resolve issues that the “other guys” just can’t. A quality control manager regularly stops at all maintenance jobs just to check up. Our eye is constantly on your pool! All of these components seamlessly mesh together to form the Total Care concept. All you need to do is swim!

If you aren’t a current service customer and need a service call, we don’t just go out blindly. A Project Manager evaluates every new customer in person. A detailed report is then given to the technician so that your issues are resolved the first time, every time. Call us and go over your entire system, ask any questions you want!

Give us a call and we will gladly customize a package just for your needs. We accept most major credit cards for ease of billing.

Weekly Maintenance

VACUUM SERVICE INCLUDES: Vacuuming; brushing; cleaning the skimmer/pump baskets; testing the chemicals; adding shock, chlorine, ph and salt. Once a month a water sample will be taken and water will be balanced accordingly. Weekly Vacuum Maintenance includes shock, chlorine tablets, salt, and balance chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate, calcium, stabilizer and acid.

CHEM ONLY SERVICE INCLUDES: All of the above EXCEPT vacuuming/brushing.

Summerizing – Pool Opening Services

Connection of ladder, rails, heater, slide, fill line, pool cleaning line, eyeballs, baskets, removal of cover and adding shock and chlorine. Prime all pumps and make sure equipment is functional and working before we leave.

Winterizing – Pool Closing Services

Winterizing your filter system, heater, fill line from accessible water source to pool fixture, and cleaner line; installing cover on your existing anchors; adding winter chemicals to water; blow out all lines, plugs, add antifreeze, removing ladder and lowering the water level.

Winter Pool Service Calls

All pools with mesh covers will have an excessive amount of rain and snow in the pool over the winter. When the water rises above the tile and freezes, tile and coping damage can occur from the expansion. We offer winter service calls starting one month after winterizing to keep the water at a low level. We also check the equipment, pool cover and add chemicals to the pool to prevent algae growth. Gibbons Pools will not warranty winter damage but we can try and prevent it.


Drain the entire pool. Remove any debris, and power wash the walls and floor. Full day required. This service is necessary if your pool is stained or if the water is extremely murky at summerize. It is recommended that ANY POOL MARBLEDUSTED the previous season have this service. It is also recommended when your pool does not clear after multiple power vacuum visits.


This service is for pools under 5 years old that have become rough from the wear and tear over the years. NOT made to replace a new marble dust if needed. NOT recommended for pools over 5 years old. Full day minimum required and must be done before APRIL or after JUNE. (Must be done in conjunction with PCA)

Power Vacuum/Leaf Rake

A power vacuum is a vacuum done with a separate system and all debris is vacuumed to waste. Usually performed in the beginning of the year when there are large amounts of debris in the pool.

Cover Pump Package

Many towns DO NOT allow us to pump to the street when lowering pool water. If you do not have anywhere to pump on your property (i.e.: woods, dry well, permit for street) you must purchase a cover pump, cord and hose. Once you have the Cover Pump Package, it can be used every year after and for winter service calls. Please check with your town to see if this pertains to you.

Anti-pest Control For Heater

ALL Natural chemical added to your heater to help prevent pests from nesting over the winter and eating the insides of the heater.

Rinse Filter Cartridges

Rinse the cartridges in ALL filters to ensure proper filtering and reduce use of electric.

Zinc Anode

Any time you have different metals (copper, stainless steel, etc.) in a salt water pool, you create a battery. Some amount of current flows between the metals. The electrons that make up the current are supplied by one of the metals, giving up bits of itself in the form of metal ions to the pool water. This is called galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion causes plaster discoloration and metal erosion. The best way to inhibit the effect of galvanic corrosion is to use a zinc anode. Zinc is a metal that gives up its metal ions faster than other metals in the pool. In other words, the zinc anode will erode instead of other metals (pool light, rails, heater, light niche, ladder, etc.).The zinc ions will not discolor the pool plaster. The zinc anode should be replaced after half of it has eroded. The in-line zinc anode is attached to the bonding wire, thereby providing protection to all metal parts (heaters, lights, rails, etc.) from galvanic corrosion. Zinc anodes need to be replaced approximately every season.

Motor Warranty

Covers the cost of a replacement electric motor for your pool pump due to wear or aging. NOT INCLUDED: Labor, electrical cords or plugs, seals, impellers, motors damaged by running dry, flood damage, or motors damaged by other factors beyond our control, other than normal deterioration and aging. This optional coverage is effective following manufacturer’s warranty for new pool motors.

Heater Tune-up

Gibbons Pools, will not be responsible for any damage to any heater unless it is tuned up annually. Any and all warranties on pool heaters are null and void unless they have had an annual tune-up. Customer or Gas Company provider is responsible for providing adequate gas pressure to all heaters.

Hi-E Heaters require a more extensive tune-up and parts. Additional $75.00 labor plus air filter and lime stone gravel will be added to the cost of the standard tune-up.

Pool Cleaner Tune-up

Replacement of wheel bearings; drive axles; tires; drive shaft; turbine shaft tubes; drive wheels; wheel screws; wheel washers; idler wheel; swing axle; turbine bearings; axle shims. A tune-up will not repair a broken cleaner or one that is totally worn out. It is meant to extend the service life of a properly functioning unit that is 2-4 years old.


Replacing used ineffective cartridges greatly reduces chemical consumption and increased energy costs by shortening the length of time needed to run the filter. We recommend yearly replacement.

Maintenance Salt Cell

Disassemble, rinse and re-assemble salt cell on salt system. You should have your salt cell rinsed at least once a season. Calcium buildup will occur naturally on the cathode plate inside the cell.

Regular maintenance of the cell is necessary. Failure to do so will reduce the effectiveness of the cell which will in turn increase the salinity of the water to corrosive levels and decrease the amount of chlorine it is producing.

Starting the season with a clean salt cell ensures your starting the season with 100% effectiveness.