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Smart and Energy Efficient Pool Products by Zodiac Pool Systems

Introducing the SMART POOL by Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

Gibbons Pools has partnered with leading manufacturer Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. to ensure our clients have the highest quality and most efficient pool products on the market. Like the Gibbons Pools Total Care program – consisting of integrated maintenance components – Zodiac has created the Total Zodiac Pool with integrated equipment components that work flawlessly together. These innovative pool and spa products are right for your wallet, your family, and the environment. The Total Zodiac® Pool system helps our clients see significant savings in utility bills, maintenance time, and energy consumption using innovative and cost-effective equipment.*

Check out this video overview of the Total Zodiac Pool.

Here is an overview of the different product categories that make up the Total Zodiac Pool:


Zodiac Versa Plumb
Professional Grade Equipment
With Versa Plumb® you can achieve 50% more hydraulic efficiency, in less space, using less horsepower, and less pipe and fittings.


Zodiac variable speed pumps
Variable-Speed Pumps
Use up to 90% less energy with Zodiac pumps. Easy to install and incredibly energy efficient, they are the heart of your pool system. User friendly features such as ergonomic drain plugs and handles, cam-lock lids, and large trap baskets make maintenance easy. Talk to your Gibbons Pools technician to find the best for your backyard.


Zodiac pool cleaners
Pool Cleaners
Powerful, smart cleaners clean your pool for just pennies a day. From pressure, to suction, to robotics, Zodiac has energy efficient cleaners for every pool. Your technician can recommend the right cleaner for your pool and within your budget.


Zodiac AquaLink
Zodiac has redefined the power of pool controls with its AquaLink systems. Automate and control your pool anytime, anywhere, and drastically improve energy efficiency.


Zodiac Pool Covers
Pool Covers
Save up to 70% on energy, chemicals and water with Zodiac’s Cover-Pools automatic pool covers. Covers help protect your family, your investment and the environment.


Zodiac Heaters
Built on a 60 year heritage of expertise, Zodiac’s Jandy® Pro Series line of heaters are designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs. They have hydraulically efficient headers for the lowest pressure drop in their class. You can depend on their superior performance and reliability. With high efficiency models available for maximum energy savings, talk to your Gibbons Pools professional to determine the right model for you.


Zodiac Eco-Friendly Products
Other Eco-Friendly Products
Besides energy saving equipment, Zodiac also produces other environmentally-conscious products. Ask your technician about alternative sanitizers such as Zodiac’s Nature2® products and how you can reduce the harsh chemicals in your pool and spa.


Zodiac LED Lighting
LED Lights
Keeping inline with the Gibbons commitment to provide the most innovative products on the market, Zodiac offers its Jandy Pro Series WaterColors LED and new Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED lights for the most vibrant and energy efficient lighting solution for your pool. Operating with less than 50 watts of power, LED lights will reduce energy expenses by up to 90%, while providing more than 50,000 hours of lighting. The new Nicheless LED lights require no bonding or traditional niches which makes installation quick, easy and inexpensive. With a choice of numerous vibrant colors and different light shows, your pool technician can create the beautiful illumination design you’ve always wanted!


Zodiac Salt Water Pools
Salt Water Pools
Convert your chlorine pool into a salt water oasis! The Jandy Pro Series AquaPure® salt water chlorinator delivers the ultimate swimming experience without the hassle. The AquaPure salt-water sanitizing system uses salt water to deliver high performance, commercial-grade water sanitation with uncompromised performance, reliability, and efficiency. Enjoy pool water free of the annoying effects of conventional chlorine. It includes robust features like automatic self-cleaning and seamless communication with AquaLink® control systems, so you’ll spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it. With the management and care from your Gibbons team, and the right products from Zodiac, you can have a chlorine-free and worry-free salt water pool in no time.


*For the most energy efficient pool system, utilize our complete line of energy savings products including a variable-speed pump, Versa Plumb equipment set, automatic pool controller, and pool cover.

**Zodiac® is a registered trademark of Zodiac International, S.A.S.U., used under license. All other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.